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广东省造双龙寿字币 广东省造双龙寿字光绪元宝一枚,此币铸于光绪三十一年(1905)初,为纪念慈禧六十寿辰而铸。作为最后一个封建王朝,清政府的无能导致了后期的衰落。然穷则思变,清



In Guangdong Province, Shuanglong Shouzi Guangxu Yuanbao was built. This coin was cast in the early days of Guangxu 31 (1905) and was cast in honor of the 60th birthday of Cixi. As the last feudal dynasty, the incompetence of the Qing government led to the decline of the later period. However, when the poor were thinking, the Qing Dynasty rulers launched the Westernization Movement and made active positive measures. Although they could not change the feudal dynasty, they made tremendous changes in all aspects of society. Among them, the coinage industry is one of them. Such as Guangxu Yuanbao, which is extremely rare in the world, can only be seen occasionally in high-end auctions.



This Guangdong province Guangxu yuanbao Shuanglong Shou character coin, the front is bounded by the bead circle, can be divided into two parts: inside and outside the bead circle, the upper end is the "Guangdong Province" four words, the bottom of the coin currency value is "Ku Pinghe Two "five characters", a bat pattern is cast on each of the left and right sides, and the bat pattern is cast on the surface of the coin, and the two characters of "bat" and "fu" are homophonic. Within the bead circle, there is a full-fledged Chinese character, "Guangxu Yuanbao". The back of the money is also bounded by the bead circle: outside the bead circle, the double dragon pattern is cast, the two dragon dragon lines are clear, the casting process is magical, and the dragon body is beautifully lined, and there are clouds and sea setting, just like the dragon flying in the sky, extremely magnificent. Inside the bead ring, a circular "shou" is cast. At that time, the image was cast on the silver coin, which has auspicious meaning.


The collection is exquisite in appearance, its aesthetic style is unique, and the front of the coin is clearly visible in the fusion of Manchu culture, while the money back clearly indicates the involvement of Western culture. Its palatate into the bone, mature and natural, deep typing, clear traces of circulation, edge teeth clearance, dragon scales clear back Shenlong lines clear, such as the knife engraved, the casting process is magical, and the dragon body texture is beautiful, and With the setting of the sea of clouds, it looks like a dragon painting flying in the sky. It is extremely magnificent and beautiful. This coin has extremely high investment value and collection value because of its extremely rare existence.


Longyang is the originator of the coin, the earliest coin in China, equivalent to the first set of RMB in the RMB collection. In addition, the dragon is a symbol of power, dignity and honor in Chinese traditional culture. Among the collectibles, the dragon is the most famous. The collection of dragons is the most abundant, and the appreciation space is the largest. The coin market is now trending well, and the market will be optimistic in the future. From the Bayan of the Shang Dynasty, the knife of the Warring States, the cloth coin, the square hole money of the Qin Dynasty, and the mechanism currency of the late Qing Dynasty, the ancient Chinese coins can be described as diverse and rich in style, and their cultural and historical value and preservation value are attracted. A large number of fans and collectors.



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